Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Male dancers drawn to the athleticism of the art

Here's a piece on men and dance from Grand Rapid Press.

Male dancers drawn to the athleticism of the art

Since I know you probably won't go there, here's an exerpt:

"We need to dispel the stereotype," said Laura Berman, associate artistic director of Grand Rapids Ballet Company and director of its school. "Dance is not for pansies or the weak of heart."

The athletic challenge is the biggest attraction for boys, several dance instructors say.

"Once guys get into (ballet), nine times out of 10 they are hooked, because it's a lot more difficult and requires a real discipline that they seem to like," Baum said.

"It's more difficult than any sport I've ever played," said Faucher, who was a three-sport athlete in high school and earned a college scholarship in baseball. "It demands more balance and muscularity."

That's what 10-year-old Nick Rivas is seeking when he rushes from football practice at Holland's Woodside Elementary School to get instruction at Turning Pointe. He sees what he learns in dance as a way to improve his performance in sports.

"It's hard work; my muscles get sore. But I think I will stay with it pretty long. I like doing it," Rivas said.

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