Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Beleive it or not, I've got photographical evidence that I road the DALMAC 2005. This is a shot of Max and I. I'm in the yellow. If you care, to you can see more pictures here. Thanks to Bob Barrie for inviting me to rid ethe DALMAC, and for taking these pictures.

The bummer about doing a tour like this is that it's so hard to take the pictures that do this justice. Four days of fresh air and sunshine, with near perfect temperatures. You have to experience it.

Crossing the Mighty Mac on a bike was special but not nearly as fun as the rest of the ride. It was downright chilly up on the bridge with all that wind blowing over all that cool lake water. Plus you have to ride in a massive group at a relatively slow pace. The wide open spaces, far from the maddening crowds were the best part of the tour.

It's these dark, wet, icy, cold days of winter that make me savor the 4 warm summer days od DALMAC, or even a warm summer training ride for that matter. I may be crazy but a 95 degree day on a bike (it wasn't 95 on DALMAC, only 75) is better than 33 degree day stuck inside. Riding indoor has it's benefits . . . watching football, or a movie, listening to tunes . . . but nothing beats being out on the road miles away from anywhere.

I invite you to join me and 1,500 of my closest friends on DALMAC 2006. You can get all of the details here. Registration opens around the end of January.


Anonymous said...

This is a compelling entry. But my rear is not tough enough to make it.

On another issue, I'd rather run inside than in 95 deg weather. That's crazy hoy.

Hans Christian Schmid said...

The difference is on a bike you always have lots of water and a cooling 15 mph breeze. 70F on a bike is getting almost chilly.

Anonymous said...

I notived the yellow jersey as well. That means you were in first place (overall). Is that right?

Hans Christian Schmid said...

In my case yellow means I am less likely to be hit by a car. You can see it from a half-mile away. If you go to the phot site, you'll see I have an orange shirt, too.