Saturday, January 28, 2006

A LOT of bikes

I'm watching a PBS travel show that is in China this week. Apparently 33% of the bikes in the world are in China. There are 8 million bikes in Beijing alone. Do you think the Chinese know something about making bikes?

The most recent edition of Bicycling magazine did a piece on the best bicycling cities. They limited themselves to the Us of course, but I have to think you can really get around well on a bike in Beijing. Eight million riders couldn't be wrong . . . right?

An unrelated tidbit. We always hear how the Asian diet is so much better than ours. That we Westerners choke on all of the fat we imbibe. Well when this traveler goes to market what does she pick-up? Deep-fried dough. Kind of looked like an elephant ear. Go figure.

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