Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Friday, April 07, 2006

Andrew and Jacob's 15 minutes of fame, Part I, Collectors Edition

I'm a little delinquent in putting this up, but this fort, modified slightly to have a greater resemblance to King Kong, made the Novi Commnity newspaper in December of last year ('05). This is the missing (from this blog, anyway) part of Andrew and Jacob's 15 minutes of fame.

Jacob is pictured here. The picture in the paper included Jacob , Bethany, and Elise, plus other neighborhood contributors and of course, Andrew.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Andrew and Jacob's 15 minutes of fame, Part 2

My brother, Andrew Schmid, and his son, Jacob, are getting all 15 minutes of their fame out of the way this year. First their King Kong snow fort landed them in the Novi paper in January, now Andrew's expert commentary on Pine Derby vehicle design and manufacturing has him being quoted in the Free Press. Jacob and his car get a mention, too. Didn't he have a Batmobile design?

You can read it here.

I guess all of that schooling and time at Ford taught him something about cars. Here's an excerpt from his e-mail.

I guess this is my year. I got quoted in the Detroit Free Press Newspaper's Community section. For those who do not know, a Pinewood Derby is a race conducted by Boy Scouts. Basically, cars are made out of a piece of pine wood that is formed into the body. The plastic wheels are installed into the body with nails. They roll down a ramp and the fastest wins. I was put in charge of the vehicle design competition.

P.S. No Schmids are visible in the picture.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Davin, Adam says you need this

Adam tells me that Davin needs a good uninstaller. He has an insatiable appetite for installing applications. So do I. Now, if we can get enough people to blog about AppZapper 1.3, we can both get an easy to use uninstaller (AppZapper 1.3) for free via MacZot! (A mac sofware Woot-like site) .

What's the catch, you ask? They are lowing the price $0.05 for every blog post link and will thus require 293 blog posts to reach free.

Get the details and post a comment with your blog post link here.

P.S. I tried out the demo version of AppZapper recently and it is quite simple to use. It has cool sound effects when you Zap an App, too. Fun!