Wednesday, January 19, 2005

McDonalds McShwarma ad

OK. I sweat, I found this through a marketing weblog.

As some of my Isra-blogger colleagues have already pointed out, the best commercial on Israeli television at the moment comes from McDonalds. Mickey D's has recently launched their version of shawarma a popular Middle Eastern dish (basically layers of spiced turkey meat which are roasted on a rotating grill and served up in a pita). They call it -- you'll never guess -- McShawarma.

The ad parodies the famous scene at the beginning of Pulp Fiction where John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson have a conversation about how McDonalds in Europe is different from McDonalds in the States.

View it here.

The parody ad goes more or less like this:
Travolta - You know what they call a Quarter Pounder in Israel?
Jackson - No.
Travolta - Mac Royale.
Jackson (laughing) - A Mac Royale.
Travolta - That's right. And guess what they call the pita bread with pieces of turkey?
Jackson - What?
Travolta - A MacShawarma [which he pronounces "mik shuwarma"]
Jackson - A MacShawarma.
Travolta - Yeah.
Jackson - So a guy just walks into a McDonalds and says, "Can I have a MikShuwarma please"?
Travolta - Yeah, except they don't say "please" in Israel.
Jackson - (laughs).
The guy doing Travolta is totally spot on. The guy they have doing Jackson does a great impersonation, but looks like what would happen if Samuel L. Jackson ate nothing but McDonalds for about 10 months. At any rate, the commercial never fails to crack me up"

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