Thursday, November 17, 2005

Turns out the aluminum hat doesn't work.

Check out this piece by some MIT researchers on the government mind control plot. They tested aluminum hats to see if they indeed protect the brain from goverment mind control transmissions.

It turns out instead of blocking frequencies, the hats actually improve reception for some government-controlled frequency ranges.

Hmmm? . . . I wonder? . . . Did governmet operatives spread the idea of putting on the aluminum hats, so they could control us? Dang. You just can't keep the conspiracy theories from continuing to spin.


Anonymous said...

Deer Antler hats in the woods will repel governmental-controlled frequency ranges, especially in Michigan during November-December.


Hans Christian Schmid said...

The antler hats work best when you wear a brown jacket and pants and keep a white hankerchief hangong out of your back pocket. Best time of day is dusk or dawn. After a few minutes, any government controlled brain waves are halted.