Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Predicts your Birth Order in Five Questions

You Are Likely a Second Born

At your darkest moments, you feel inadequate.
At work and school. you do best when you're evaluating.
When you love someone, you offer them constructive criticism.

In friendship, you tend to give a lot of feedback - positive and negative.
Your ideal careers are: accounting, banking, art, carpentry, decorating, teaching, and writing novels.
You will leave your mark on the world with art and creative projects.


Noel Heikkinen said...

Was it right?

Hans Christian Schmid said...

Yes, I am a second born.

I'm not sure about all of the details, though.

Anonymous said...

I got that I was the only child.

I never believe in these things .......... then again. Maybe I felt like I was the only child worth anything ......... No, that's not true either.

Hans Christian Schmid said...

Andrew, What were your answers to the questions?

Anonymous said...

I forget, but I felt that there were a lot of the questions that didn't have an answer that fir me. Maybe you can answer them for me and see what you get. The first question didn't fit me. The type of humor ... nope, I don't think that I fit int there either. For the dark path, where is the answer where you get a flashlight, run through screaming like a little girl, and yet still remain on the path.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Anonymous was me.