Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Is your favorite food killing you?

California Wants to Serve a Warning With Fries - New York Times If you don't have a log-in you can go to to "borrow"one.

Apparently fries and potato chips are "packed with acrylamide", a chemical proven to cause cancer in mice and rats. Add to that the high level of trans-fats and you've got a formula for . . .a ban, no, just a warning label.

No matter how long or how healthy you live, everyone will eventually die. The papers never write about that, and it will impact 100% of their readers.


Anonymous said...

I think there are a couple of other things that may affect health.

1) Eating a lot and
2) No excercise.

I think if we excercise more (like you and me) you can eat most things and be fine.

"Everything in moderation" Pa Schmid's quote works well here.

Hans Christian Schmid said...

Most things shouldn't include know carcinogens.

Anonymous said...

I generally don't like the taste or carcinogens. So that keeps that intake down a bit.

Do French fries have 'em? I hope not.

Hans Christian Schmid said...

The chemical mentioned in the Times article, acrylamide, is purported to be a carcinogen.
Wikipedia has a detailed post on carcinogens. Apparently there are differing levels of carcinogens. Carcinogens are anything that causes cancer. Acrylamide has been documented by the Swedes to cause cancer in rats.

Upon further investigation I found
also at Wikipedia that say that the research on Acrylamide is inconclusive at this time. The biggest risk seems to be eating too much of it. I suppose this is the risk with everything.

Anonymous said...

The people who do those studies get more money if they find there is something wrong. When was the last time you found out that they did a study and found out the _____ (fill in the blank) has no influence on cancer rate. Unless, they are disproving a study like the one you mentioned.

I think those mice in these experiments are fed a lot (it you need to know the actual amount, it is a whole lot) of whatever they are studying. They probably have little mice IV's that the they little mice (turncoat) nurses pump them full of the stuff. So if you eat your weigh in French Fries (or as you probably call them Freedom Fries) every day for a a few months you will feel worse then the person who eats moderately. But then again, I could conduct the study if you can get me a grant. It just has to be enough to buy the fries (for me). You can be the eat moderately guy.

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