Tuesday, March 01, 2005

If you like exaggerated stories of good versus evil . .

. . . then you like Macs and . . .
. . . you'll get a kick out of As The Apple Turns.

This piece got me going today. Pay More, Get Less, & Like It

Here's an excerpt:

Maybe we're not so much deep-down incredulous that anyone could really sink to such depths as to try to jack up prices on something that's essentially all profit in the first place, but rather that they could really stay down there in the slime for ten or eleven months without coming up for air. That's purely a gut reaction, of course, since our rational selves are fully aware that record execs breathe slime, and if they ever took a gillful of clean, fresh air, they'd burst into flames. (Fire: the Biblical Cleanser™!)

I must confess I read it far too regularly. The good news is, it takes many repeat doses to come fully under it's mind altering powers, I think.

Bon Apetit!

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