Saturday, February 26, 2005

Success - the serious side

OK, it really was a great message tonight. Not because it was funny, although that probably helped. Noel talked about 3 peoples success stories. Noah, Jeremiah, and Ruth.

Noah. The slow ark builder. It took him 100 to 120 year to make the boat. He also failed to change anyone’s mind. But he was a success in God's eyes. A hall of famer.

Jeremiah. He brought God's message to Israel for something like 50 years and was hated by everyone, and never saw one person change their mind. He was hated by everyone including himself. But he was a success in God's eyes. Another hall of famer.

Ruth was from a race looked down upon by the Israelites and yet ends up getting her own book in the bible and being counted as one of the three women mentioned in Jesus ancestry.

Bottom Line: Obey God and do what is right. This is what true success. In a way all three of these kept the faith. They trusted God and did what was right. I must do the same.

The other part of the message that wacked me was about Jeremiah's bipolar disorder. You can read about it here. He really goes from one extreme to the other, and then back again, quite quickly. I can relate to some of his questions. Noel pointed out it is admirabe to be honest with God as Jeremiah was here. I will seek to do the same.

Now I'm off to organize the materials for the financial seminar.

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