Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Getting personal

OK. Since I haven't decided exactly what kind of a blog this is going to be I have decided to not get too personal, in the self revelation sense of the word, so far. I have seen other blogger who I respect who are and admire their courage. At this point, I guess I'm still watching from the sidelines.

It seems to make sense to me to have a personal blog and a business blog and "nary the twain shall meet". What ever that's supposed to mean. (Maybe it was Mark Twain and his brother Tom. They were bitter enemies and you could never invite them both to the same party.) But I digress, back to the blogs. One blog to be really smart on, and another place to lay yourself out there. Now there's a unique presentation you never see anywhere. A brutally honest business blog.

Think this is a wierd post? You're not alone. (I just wrote "your" and had to correct it to "you're"I think it's my favorite writing error.)

If your going to fail. Fail trying. Don't fail to try. More on this later. This is one of my favorite methods of failure. BAAAAH, too much self revelation. Must not listen to the voices. Muuuuuuust hiiiiiiiiit Puuuuuuuuubliiiiiiiish . . .

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