Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lucky 13

My brother, Andrew Schmid, completed his 13th Detroit Free Press Marathon on October 18th.

Andrew has a propensity for getting media attention. He was in last years highlight video and this year, he's in the audio. If you go to the FreePress Marathon page, you'll hear him (at 12 seconds in) exclaim, "Relief! Relief! Just glad it's over. Train more next year". Now you have to realize he just ran a 3:20:39 marathon and ran the last mile hard to make sure he qualified for the Boston Marathon.

He made last year's marathon highlight reel on Channel 7 WXYZ, receiving his finishing medal while the reporter says, "an accomplishment they'll carry with them forever".

I asked him about his propensity to get media attention,above thousands of potential rivals. I suggested he should try to get on Reality TV. His response "I was just filling the balloon for Bethany (his youngest)."

Andrew's only regret this year is losing to fellow Michigan grad, and Haslett resident, Nick Stanko.

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Andrew said...

Great article, but you never really delved into the Stanko/Schmid Rivalry. He had a few advantages this year (starting closer to the starting line, not having to run in a crowd, being in better shape, ability, etc...). Next year, we'll see who wins! I'll be ready .... maybe.

If he doesn't run it, and I do then I win right???