Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Number 16

My brother, Andrew, completed his 12th Free Press Marathon, and his 16th overall, last weekend. This years training schedule included a DIY 3 story addition to his home. Quite impressive.

This year he has the privilege of getting a small deposit on his fifteen minutes of fame. He is pictured on the WXYZ 7 site AND in the video on the right as he receives his medal.

Note: Anyone who knows how to capture this video for future use, please educate me with a comment.


Anonymous said...

Wow impressive! Thanks for posting this.

I heard it was his 12th Free Press ans 16th marathon overall. His fans probably already know this:)

Andrew said...

What happened to this runner this year? The people want to know.

Hans Christian Schmid said...

Gee, do you know? I heard he suffered and felt relieved.I also heard he was working on a helium balloon for his daughter.