Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Brother & Sister's High School

My brother & sister's High School, Miami Palmetto High School produced Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos and world-famous street fighter Kimbo Slice. My brother came out somewhere in between. He works with a fortune 500 company and his street fighting skills are all in his feet (he's a marathoner). My little sister has a world-class concern and compassion for all creatures great and small.

Why didn't I go there? We moved a couple times after Warren Area High School in Warren, Pennsylvania, the high school I graduated from. (As the link indicates, it isn't listed on Wikipedia yet). I only spent a year there and made some great friendships.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Bezos and Kimbo Slice among others. There's an Olympic speedskater (the school is in Florida), an astronaut, an American idol contestant among the rest.

Makes me proud of all the good I did to make that school the success it is today.

Hans Christian Schmid said...

Maybe we should be adding you to the Wikipedia post. Famous marathoner, gamer and sniffer.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, except the famous part.

Anonymous said...
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